About Me

About me

About Me

Hi, I'm Lindsey!

My name is Lindsey Bouwels, and I am a creative game designer and I just finished  my Master’s Game Technology at Breda University of Applied Sciences. 

I am interested in user interface and user experience design, research & development, and VR/AR/MR. I feel passionate about user-centered design and how games can be made more accessible for all different kinds of people. I aspire to create and research new innovative ways to improve user experiences for all types of games.

Next to creating games during my studies, I enjoy playing games in my free time as well. I enjoy all types of games such as board games, roleplaying games, and MMORPGs games, on PC or other consoles. Especially Virtual Reality Games have won a special place in my interests as I’ve worked on a VR game with my team in my third year of my bachelor’s. It is a great feeling to see all the possibilities that VR can be used for and the sheer immersion that it brings.

When I’m not playing games in my free time, I really enjoy experimenting with cooking and baking, sewing and creating garments, watching new series, and reading. During the weekends I usually socialize with friends or family, like to go to explore new cities and sceneries or immerse myself in physical activities such as indoor rock-climbing, paintballing, or airsoft.

In the past years, I’ve also been co-owner of my own music events. Together with a few friends of mine, we organized Drum and Bass and Dubstep events in Heerlen (Limburg), often gathering around 200-400 people per event. During this time, I oversaw client contacts, social media, budget, decorations, and VJing (real-time visual performance). As of 2019, I’m no longer part of this music event but I’m hoping something similar will cross my path in the future again.


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